What Your Daughter Needs to Know before Wearing Makeup

What Your Daughter Needs to Know before Wearing Makeup

There are so many conversations that we need to have with our children as they enter their teenage years. Even though I have sons, I made it a point to discuss skin care with them in their tween years before the acne started. I made sure to dispel all the acne myths so they could separate fact from fiction. But I was lucky. My sons don’t wear makeup.


A study done in Brazil showed that 45% of women who used makeup religiously had skin disease related to the makeup they were wearing. 14% suffered from makeup-induced acne lesions, acne cosmetica.


Teen girls can suffer from social pressure at an early age to wear makeup, and some start as early as age 11. This is also the age where their hormones are changing rapidly. Many girls will use makeup to cover skin issues, unknowingly worsening the issues.


What can you do as a parent to help your teenage daughter make the best decisions for her skin?


  1. Talk openly with her about why she wants to wear makeup. Find out if the decision is about her self-esteem, peer pressure, or to cover up skin concerns. Once you find out her reasons, it may be easier for both of you to agree on an age where she could start using makeup.
  2. Next help your daughter choose a safe and effective skin care routine to take proper care of her skin before and after makeup use. Help her review the ingredients in the products so that she does not opt for home acne remedies or cheap drugstore brands that could aggravate skin issues.
  3. Discuss proper makeup removal to help your daughter understand how to properly remove eye makeup and cleanse her skin.
  4. Investigate the ingredients in her makeup to ensure that she is not applying harmful chemicals to her face. Some ingredients in makeup have been linked to skin sensitivity and reproductive issues.
  5. Last, but not least, your daughter should not share makeup with her friends. Liquid makeup like foundation can provide a breeding ground for bacteria.  

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